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  Actors: Evangeline Lily, Matthew Fox, Josh Holloway    Format: PAL    Region: Region 2 / 4    Number of discs: 38    Classification: 15    Studio: Buena Vista Home Entertainment    DVD Release Date: 13 Sep 2010DVD Description    Season 1    > Languages: Dolby Digital 5.1: English / German    Dolby Surround 2.0: French    > Subtitles: English/English for the Hearing Impaired/French/German/Swedish/Norwegian/Danish/Finnish/Dutch    Season 2:    > Languages: Dolby Digital 5.1: English / French    > Subtitles: English/English for the hearing Impaired/French    Season 3:    > Languages: Dolby Digital 5.1: English / German /    Spanish    > Subtitles: English/English for the Hearing Impaired/German/Spanish/Swedish/Norwegian/Danish/Finnish/Icelandic    Season 4:    > Languages: Dolby Digital 5.1: English / Italian /    Spanish    > Subtitles English/English for the Hearing Impaired/Italian/Spanish/Swedish/Norwegian/Danish/Finnish/Icelandic/Portuguese/Dutch    Season 5:    > Languages: Dolby Digital 5.1: English / Italian / Spanish    > Subtitles: English/English for the Hearing Impaired/Italian/Spanish/Swedish/Norwegian/Danish/Finnish/Icelandic/Portuguese/Dutch    Season 6:    > Languages: Dolby Digital 5.1: English / Italian /    Spanish    > Subtitles: English/English for the Hearing Impaired/Italian/Spanish/Swedish/Norwegian/Danish/Finnish/Icelandic/Portuguese/DutchSpecial FeaturesSeason 1    The Lost Flashbacks: All-New, Unseen Flashbacks Reveal Additional Secrets    Welcome To Oahu: The Making Of The Pilot: Behind-The- Scenes Featurette On Lost's Premiere Episode    The Genesis Of Lost: Series’ Creators Tell How The Show Was Conceived    Designing A Disaster: Exciting Insights Into The Look Of Lost    Commentaries: Observations From The Cast And Creators    Before They Were Lost: Audition Tapes And Personal Stories From The Cast    BloopersSeason 2    Lost Flashbacks: Secrets Revealed In All-New, Never- Before-Seen Flashbacks    The Official Lost Connections: Shocking Character Connections Are Uncovered In This Exclusive Immersive Experience    Secrets From The Hatch: Go Inside To Discover "The Swan"    Mysteries, Theories And Conspiracies: The Virgin Mary Statues, Alvar Hanso And Snow Globes – The Truth Revealed    Lost On Location: An All-Access Pass To The Set    Fire + Water: An Episode From Concept To Completion    Audio Commentaries    BloopersSeason 3    The World Of The Others: Friends Or Foes? Secrets And Mysteries Revealed By Cast And    Producers    Lost Flashbacks: All-New, Never-Before-Seen Flashbacks    Lost On Location: Go Behind The Scenes With These All-New Tales From Season 3    The Lost Book Club: Get Hints To The Significance Of Lost's Literary References    Lost In A Day: An Exclusive Look At 24 Hours In The Life Of This Ambitious Series    Lost Bloopers    Audio CommentarySeason 4    Lost In 8:15    The Right To Bear Arms: Check Out The Guns Of Lost, And Find Out What It’s Like Working With So Much Firepower    The Freighter Folk: A Look At The New Faces From The Freighter    The Island Backlot--Lost In Hawaii: Discover How Hawaii Is Transformed Into The World Of Lost    The Oceanic Six--A Conspiracy Of Lies: Controversial Underground Documentary Questioning The Survivors Of Oceanic 815    Offshore Shoot: Building And Shooting On The Freighter Set    Soundtrack Of Survival--Composing For Character, Conflict And The Crash: Experience The First-Ever Live Performance Of The Score By The Honolulu Symphony Pops    Lost On Location: Go Behind The Scenes With The Cast And Crew    Course Of The Future: The Definative Flash-Forwards    Lost Bloopers    Audio CommentariesSeason 5    Lost On Location: Get The Inside Stories From The Cast And Crew    Building 23 And Beyond: Join Michael Emerson As He Infi ltrates The Secret Lost Offices To Meet The Team Who Is Behind The Show’s Real Mysteries    An Epic Day With Richard Alpert: Follow Nestor Carbonell Across The Island On The Intense Last Day Of The Season’s Finale    Making Up For Lost Time: An Interesting And Humorous Look At How The Producers, Writers And Cast Sort Out The Survivors’ Leaps Through Time    Mysteries Of The Universe--The Dharma Initiative: The Recently Unearthed And Complete Exposé Questioning The Truth Of The Dharma Initiative    LOST Bloopers    Audio CommentariesSeason 6    The New Man In Charge: As One Journey Draws To An End, There Will Always Be Tales Left To Be Told. Go Deeper Into The World Of Lost In This Exclusive, New Chapter Of The Island’s Story    THE END--Crafting A Final Season: Join The Lost Team Along With Other Producers Of Some Of Television's Longest Running Shows As They Examine The Challenges Of Ending A Landmark Series    A Hero's Journey: What Makes A Hero? Which Survivors Of Oceanic 815 Are True Heroes?    These Questions And More Explored    See You In Another Life, Brotha: Unlock The Mysteries Of This Season’s Intriguing Flash Sideways    Lost On Location: Join The Cast And Crew In This Fun, Inside Look Behind The Scenes From The Set In Hawaii    LOST In 8:15: A Crash Course    LOST Bloopers    Audio Commentaries
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